A quick study on the season could suggest there is a craving for less.
Yet in many ways we want more: more space, more balance, more ease.
Less items, possibly, but better.

Quality is not achieved by simply adding elements that are considered
valuable. It requires refining too, leaving things out. It is a balance of
contrasting elements rather than the final stop on a linear journey.

This spring we explore these contrasts – dynamic energy mixed with
ease, fluid lines coming together with structure and precision.

Sunbaked orange seems even more vivid and alive next to light neutrals.
And nowhere is white so white than right beside black. Except on a new
pair of white leather sneakers, next to the ground, that must be the
whitest white can be. It freshens up the whole outfit.

Just like a natural landscape can be fully experienced only when stepping
into it and discovering the sounds, smells and textures beyond the visual,
we love the idea of a holistic approach to designing a wardrobe or a home.

Visual beauty is one goal, but what about the other qualities of an object,
or a collection of objects? How does it fit into the context of our lives? Does
it make things easier or more complex? Does it feel real? Or pretentious?

How fabric feels next to skin, how easy it is to maintain, how the leather
of your bag develops with age, and how smoothly the metal hardware
works when you open and close the buckle twenty times a day...

A dense leather sole makes a sharper sound than a soft rubber sole as
you walk, let alone how different it feels under your feet. You even stand
differently in a pump than a sneaker. Your posture and expressions change.

What is your mood today, what comforts you, or empowers you?

There are so many non-visual qualities that matter, even when aiming
for something that is aesthetically in harmony. And when it comes to
your personal style, it is naturally your opinion that matters the most.

So we are not going to give anybody style advice but there is still this
one thing. Feel free to wear your cocktail dress with a pair of sneakers,
or flat slides. To a party.

This is the season of happy feet. Let’s embrace it.